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Welcome Springtime! Easter recipes..

...along with flowers, comes Easter

Some ideas for Easter lunch

Asparagus is one of the first fruits of springtime and during Easter you can find it at the market. In fact, they are on all the tables of Italians just to sanction the arrival of  the beautiful season and with her new vegetables. After having cooked many cabbages, now it is time for fava beans, peas and then asparagus.

We suggest a pasta with cream of asparagus and bacon, velvety and rich as you see in the photo (click on the photo to go to the recipe). It could be the first course for your Easter lunch.

Lamb is the symbol of Easter. This is a very tasty version,  breadcrumb is  enriched with Parmigiano cheese and lemon zest. Served with a fresh salad, they are also excellent warm, so perfect for a picnic. The smell of mint leaves, make the fried food fresh and aromatic. (click on the photo to go to the recipe)

...and then Mascarpone Cream with Strawberry

For those of you who have made Tiramisu with us in a cooking class here in Italy, you already know that the Mascarpone Cream is the first step in the preparation of Tiramisu. Only, instead of adding ladyfingers soaked in coffee, it is served with fruit or small pastries. This version is perfect for spring and Easter. (click on the photo to go to the recipe)

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