Traditions, seasonal ingredients and great wine.
To fit your lifestyle.

Far from tourist crowd, our cooking class is designed to offer a genuine experience, in the homely atmosphere of your holiday home in Tuscany or Rome. We will come to you; you will only have to wait for us!

We will come to you:
you will only have to wait for us

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Cooking Course

We will cook together an entire menu chosen by you among our selection, directly in your rented place, showing you cooking techniques for a perfect result and suggesting tips for choosing the right ingredient.

We will arrive in your rented place, bringing with us everything we need for the lesson: fresh ingredients, excellent wine and many useful tips for you.
The lesson lasts about three hours and is held in English. It includes the final lunch or dinner, depending on the one you choose.
For food allergies or religious restriction, we can adjust the menu to fit with your requirement.

Personalized Dinner

We will reach you with freshest ingredients directly in your rented holiday home in Tuscany or Rome, to cook your personalized dinner.

You will enjoy an authentic Italian meal directly in your house.
You can contact us and we will agree the menu with you, suggesting the recipes that you might like better.

You can enjoy an authentic Italian dinner, prepared with the freshest ingredients and cooked directly in your holiday home in Tuscany or Rome.

Personalized Dinner

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An Absolute Blast!

We had a GREAT time with Ginny and Fiamma. I consider myself to be a solid cook but I learned a lot! We laughed, learned, drank and ate like crazy people. The meal we prepared was delicious and fed us (3 women) for at least two sittings. I would definitely do it again. Don't miss out on this.

gmogrady, march 2020

Cooking with the best at Raddicofino

Very personable and very professional. Lots of fun along with educational. Would love to see them in the states!!! Great session and great food!!! Nothing like authentic Italian cuisine.

Curious25123702387 january 2020

Dinner and cooking class presented and prepared by Kitchen Chez Nous was informative, relaxing and enjoyable. More than that both meals were excellent. They took time to explain various techniques and gave us tips to improve our Italian cooking. I'm excited to prepare the dishes for my family, especially traditional risotto - hint white wine is the key. I highly recommend these ladies they are the real Italian deal.

Janice B, october 2019

Excellent, Enjoyable, Yummy

Favorite experience in Tuscany!

They are both so warm and friendly and really make you feel relaxed. The cooking lesson was so easy to understand and made everyone really excited to try the recipes when they got home. I can't imagine our tip without these two amazing night with these two amazing ladies. Grazie!

jazmineps1015, july 2019

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