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Ricotta Mousse

Ricotta Mousse

Ricotta mouse is a delicious and quick dessert to make, very yummy and cheap … so take notes and let’s get started!

Cow or sheep Ricotta?

Both are creamy cheeses. Cow ricotta has a delicate, soft, sweet taste. Sheep ricotta is more rustic on the palate, with a more intense flavor and strong vegetal and hay notes. This is not only for what the animal eats, but also for the fatter composition of sheep’s milk. The choice essentially depends on personal taste.

To season a pasta dish either cow or sheep ricotta are fine, but for other preparations this is not always the case. For example some Italian traditional desserts it is advisable to use sheep ricotta, to obtain a more authentic flavor. Like the Pastiera Neapolitan, or the Sicilian Cannoli. For recipes with more balanced flavors it is better to use cow ricotta, ideal for cheesecakes or stuffed savory pies.

Ricotta Mousse

Prep Time 20 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Italian


  • 250 gr ricotta cheese
  • 50 gr mascarpone cheese
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 300 ml heavy cream
  • 4 gr gelatine
  • Amaretti biscuits or fruit jam


  • In a bowl transfer the ricotta cheese with mascarpone cream, heat in double boiling, stir now and then.
  • Heat 60 gr of sugar with 50 gr of heavy cream.
  • Place the gelatin to get soft in cold water.
  • Whip the remaining heavy cream (soft peaks) with the rest of sugar.
  • Add the soft gelatin in the hot heavy crem.
  • Add this mixture at the ricotta and mascarpone and finally add the semi whipped heavy cream. Stir well and divide among the ramekins.
  • Place in the fridge for 2 hours. Before serve it add some broken amaretti biscuit on top.
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