300g Medium aged grated Pecorino Cheese
200gr whole milk or cream
2 eggs
2tbs flour
Salt if need it, black pepper

For the riduction:
300ml Tuscan red Wine
1 ½ tbs sugar
1 sprig of Rosemary or Sage


To grate the Pecorino cheese use a food processor or by the hands with a grater. For the first option, if Pecorino is a bit soft, become a “ball”: to avoid it, add some part of milk or cream ( depending what are you using). Mixing well the grated pecorino cheese with the rest of milk or cream and the others ingredients (put flour for last). Distribute the mixture among six butter ramekins and cook in the preheat oven at 180° for about 25/30 minutes, till golden. In the meantime put on gentle fire the red wine with sugar and the herb to a boil, and leave to evaporate water and alcohol, for about 20 minutes. Wine will become as a caramel and you will get one or two table spoon of red wine reduction. When the flan looks ready, leave it cool to remove from the ramekin easily. Serving with a red wine reduction.


Chiara Tomassetti

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