400gr pasta
500gr tomato sauce
200 gr salted ricotta cheese
3 cloves of garlic, fresh basil (minimum 12 leaves)
Salt, black pepper
2 eggplant medium size diced
Extra virgin olive oil


In a colander pour the eggplant scattered of granular salt, put on top a weight to press them for loosing the bitter juice (for the weight you can use a bowl of water setting on top of the eggplants). Leave to drain for 45 minutes. In a deep skillet hit the oil on medium fire, add garlic cut in a half and leave to gild. Pour the tomatoes sauce, cook for 10 minutes, season with salt, black pepper and add the half of basil. Stir well and take warm.
Rinse eggplants and dry it with a kitchen towel. In a skillet hit the oil on medium high fire and when it will reach the right temperature frying the eggplants until golden.
Cook the pasta, and when al dente drain, and transfer in a serving dish with the tomato sauce and half of the fried eggplant, mix well. Add the remaning fried eggplant, and season with salted Ricotta cheese.


Chiara Tomassetti

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