Ingredients for about 35/40 donuts:

100ml Robust Red Wine
100ml Seed Oil
100gr Sugar
350/400gr All Porpouse Flour
1tsp Baking Powder


In a bowl mixing well wine, oil and sugar. Add flour (350gr) and baking powder (previously mixed together). Work the dough with a wooden spoon and then with your hands, getting it soft but not sticky (add some flour if need it). Cover and leave to rest room temperature, for about 15 minutes. Pour the sugar in a plate. Take a small quantity of dough and, on a wooden board, slide it under your hands to make a cylinder ( length about 15 centimeters, thickness about 1,5 centimeters), then merge the ends creating the donut. Cover the donut with sugar by pressing gently on that, and lay down on baking tin previously covered with baking paper. Continues until ending the dough. In preheated oven ( 170° Celsius ) cook the donuts for 15 minutes, leave to cool down (they will be more crunchy after 30 minutes) and serve.


Fiamma Arrighi

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