Ingredients for four person:

320gr Nano Vialone Rice

60gr butter

1  medium size red onion diced

320gr raw beetroot  in peaces

1,5lt vegetable broth

White Wine

Salt, thime

How cook Beetroot:

Put beetroot in a baking dish, season with a pinch of salt, add thime and cover with a kitchen aluminum sheet. Cook in a preheat oven at 220° Celsius  for half an hour, then drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil and  cook  uncovered until soft ( about 1 hour in total). Using a blender make a thick beetroot puree  adding some broth if need it. Leave a side.


On medium fire, melt butter, add red onion and cook until translucent. Add rice and stirring continuously leave to toast and seal for few moment. Drizzly with wine and leave the alcohol to evaporate. Then add some stock, at intervals to keep the rice simmering briskly while being constantly stirred to release the starch and become creamy. After 10 minutes add beetroot purea and stirring well. Rice will become totally  red, a wonderful red. Cook rice until al dente. More butter and grated Parmigiano Cheese are added to the steaming mass before serving, as the Mantecatura that enhances the creamy texture.  Serve with some thime on top


Fiamma Arrighi

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