Chez nous

We will open our own homes, welcomeing you in a real Italian family apartment. Enjoy the lesson with your friend (max 8 people)! Possible also to shop with us at Sant’ambrogio market before the lesson!

Fiamma e pasta

Have you ever believed to enter in a private house of Italian chefs?

Ginny and Fiamma give you the best opportunity to immerse yourself in the real Italian gastronomic culture!

They will welcome you in their house, using their pots, in the kitchen where every day they prepare wonderful dishes for their famiglie. They will reveal you the secret of their Italian and Tuscan recipes, and many hints and tips to cook a real Italian meal!


Available only in the morning starting at 10am

You can choose Fiamma’s or Ginny’s home, depending on where you are located.

Fiamma and Ginny will guide you in searching of the best fresh ingredients at S.Ambrogio market, one of the most authentic market in Florence, and after bought what the menu needs, your party will cook an unbelievable Italian lunch!


We will meet at S.Ambrogio market at 10 am, we will shop together and we will cook in Fiamma’s kitchen

The class including a full lunch and good wine in an informal and homely atmosphere!