Cooking classes in Florence

Do you want to experience traditional cooking classes in Florence?

Cooking classes in Florence. We organize cooking courses in Florence, in our apartment located one in the center of Florence and one very close to the center of Florence.

We will organize a cooking lesson for you in our traditional Italian apartments! You can choose among our menu selection and you will be guided through all the cooking class to prepare traditional delicious Italian dishes.

The cooking class will last aprox 2/3 hours, and it’s scheduled in the morning at 10 am. The cooking lesson is held in English.

You have just to come and enjoy your private cooking class in Florence!!!

If you are renting a house in Tuscany, we can organize a cooking courses directly in your rented place.

We will bring all the necessary equipments for the cooking lesson, fresh ingredients, wine, apron and recipes, so to have a wonderful cooking class together!!

The cooking lesson will last 2/3 hours, depending on the chosen menu. The cooking class is held in English.

You can choose to have your cooking lesson in the morning 10 am, or to have your cooking class in the afternoon 4pm.

Just comfortably wait for us in your house in Tuscany and we will arrive for a fantastic and unique cooking class!!!


Cooking Classes in Florence