So rustic and rough to see outside, you will be surprised of its fragrance and whiteness within…

It is one of the most famous type of cheese, here in Italy and in particular in the Tuscany region.
Is produced with raw sheep milk. The fresh milk is immediately brought to temperature and curdled, so do not miss the genuine taste of sheep’s milk. The straw, from which it is wrapped ( to be removed before eating!) gives flavor to the cheese which is tasty and gently spicy.
Main feature of this delicious dairy product is the ripening, by geothermal energy, inside a casing made of hay, for a period of 6 months. The hay, besides giving to the pecorino a taste more rustic and aromatic , naturally retains moisture and keeps the cheese at an optimal temperature. The paste, of milk-white color and with slight irregular holes, remains soft thanks to this particular type of seasoning.
Especially for ripened cheese, we use to match it with jam, honey and fruit! It is a wonderful contrast which magnify the reach flavor of the pecorino cheese! Try to believe!
Needless to say that a good glass of wine completes this tasty snack!

Tuscan Pecorino Cheese wrapped in the Hay




Chiara Tomassetti

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