If you are in Florence, walking around the town and need a snack, go in a bakery! If you ask simply for Schiacciata they will give you a sort of savory focaccia seasoned with plenty of olive oil …and salt! If you are looking for something sweet, you will need to specify Schiacciata alla Fiorentina. Remember!It ‘s a soft sweet, white powdered sugar and often stuffed with Chantilly Cream or whipped cream. On top the silhouette of the Iris, which is the symbol of Florence . Is a typical Carnaval cake but you can find it all year , for sure. Is generally rectangular, not more high than 3 inches and totally dusted of powdered sugar. Aroma of orange is the principal taste, for the juice and skin, and if stuffed with cream, is absolutely amazing! Very simple ingredients are involved for this cake, no butter, no milk. Everybody likes Schiacciata alla Fiorentina, both kids and elderly, for the homely and simple taste, which is part of the eternal flavors!

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Chiara Tomassetti

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