Garlic exalts the taste, seems to score a line around them! Just unique and irreplaceable with meat, seafood, vegetables , but also simply with bread, pasta or rice: all the ingredients get a definition more acute, and garlic gives its aromatic qualities!
The miracle can happen if the garlic meets the tomato and basil! Yes I know, is not objective! I’m Italian, and when I feel the fragrance that emanates from this marriage, I feel happy …and I think immediately to a wonderful plate of spaghetti! Of course! But there are so many others amazing matching, as with cheeses, truffle, eggs… and also herbs like rosemary, parsley, thyme, sage, mint! It is really impossible to remember all! And what about of the pesto, the Genoese sauce?
Sometimes it can be hard to digest, I know, especially when you eat it raw ( and often also when is cooked!). Then I suggest you to remove the spear that at times is inside the clove, especially in the not fresh garlic. Is a valuable aid! If you like a gentle taste, just infuse in tepid extra virgin olive oil, but for more intense taste , use it raw and crushed!
Did you know the origin of this important bulb? It comes from Asia! Then quickly is widespread in the Mediterranean. And also, did you know that garlic has also features healing? The essential oil is primarily eliminated through the respiratory system, carrying out antiseptic and balsamic, have effective antibiotic, antihypertensive, against colds and flu! It would be great if all the medicines can be so good!



Chiara Tomassetti

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