To taste the mushrooms always we wait the fall, but wrong!

The spring gives us the Prugnolo, which is a very tasty mushroom has nothing to envy to the Porcini…

Yesterday I went in Borgo S. Lorenzo, in the Mugello area and I discovered there was a festival of charity for Africa. In Italy, especially in the small and traditional villages, it’s very common to find festival, that we call Sagra, that offers a main local ingredient, rustic food and an homely atmosphere.

Generally the set tables are outdoors and you share with other people: it’s a great chance to have a chat drinking good wine!

In Borgo S.Lorenzo the main ingredient was the Prugnolo mushroom, made it in a sauce for the Tortelli alla Mugellese, a kind of Raviolo filled with potatoes…but there was many other traditional courses: bruchetta with Prugnolo Mushroom Tagliatelle with beef ragu, Lasagne, Tuscan sausages, Pork loin with Prugnolo mushroom…and many many other! And also a good red wine! I can say I was very lucky because this mushroom has a very short life: born in late April and is only until May!

You can eat it raw, preserve under extra virgin olive oil, dried or using to prepare Risotto and many other kind of pasta…

So, if you happen to find the Festival of Prugnolo mushroom (Sagra del Prugnolo), not lose it or have to wait a whole year to taste!!


Chiara Tomassetti

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