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Ginny’s culinary training has many ingredients!
While her mother was Indonesian, her grandparents are from Abruzzo and her father grew up in Rome where she also lived for 20 years savoring different tastes in her own family kitchen. She moved to Florence which fascinated her and, after adopting many of its secrets on her own, she decided to refine her skills at the Cordon Blue Cooking School. Ginny now teaching cooking lessons in both Rome and Florence, sharing with her guests the best recipes of these magnificent regions.

Fiamma Arrighi


Fiamma was born and raised in Florence. She comes from a family whose historic roots in Tuscany date back to the 1200s. From the time she was little her grandmothers and mother gave her informal “cooking lessons” and in doing so passed on their love of traditional Tuscan cooking. Having always loved being in the kitchen, she decided to perfect her natural skills by taking cooking lessons at the Cordon Blue.

Fiamma loves to take care of her guests by trying to satisfy their every whim.